Who Uses Face Ageing Technology and Why?


For almost 10 years we have been creating automagical face changing technology and have been lucky enough to work with museums in Glasgow, Bristol and Ohio in the US.

This year, with ERDF and UWE funding, we built a brand new app using AI face ageing technology combined with a lifestyle calculator that allows you to see yourself in 10 and 20 years time with the effects of lifestyle. At the end you have the option to change your future for the better.

The age & lifestyle app is now going to be used by a Science Museum in Denver and we have been working with them to build a custom version of the app that is geared towards their audience of all ages and ethnicities. The app has been translated into Spanish and will be used in 2 separate exhibits within the museum.

There are so many entertaining face transformation apps to visualise yourself older, younger, bald or fat. Lifstyle habits such as diet, exercise, stress and smoking can highlight how well we’re going to age. Visualising one’s future self can create empathy and steering us to make small changes for the better. For example, teenagers may think twice about smoking, if they can see their faces with increased wrinkles around the eyes and grey palour to their skin in 20 years’ time.

Making changes to see yourself looking better in the future creates a positive spin on the experience.

We hope the app we’ve built will become as popular as the bespoke exhibits we built for Glasgow Science Centre — the 10 year Time Machine, the Age Me Game for Cosi in Ohio and the Telomeres Exhibit at We The Curious.

Contact us for a chat if you’re thinking of refreshing some of your science and health interactive exhibits.



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