Can Signs Of Heart Disease Be Captured In A Selfie?

  • Bloated, puffy face with enlarged pores and broken capillaries? Connected to
  • Pronounced lines between your eyes, enlarged pores and dry skin under your eyes? Connected to red wine.
  • Puffy jawline, dark patches of skin around chin or forehead and dark clogged pores? Connected to refined carbohydrates.
  • Deep lines and wrinkles on your upper forehead, gaunt look to the checks, greyish tinge to the skin, crows feet and pimples. Connected to sugar.
  • Sallow, shiny face with a greasy film. Connected to fried foods.
  • Pale cheeks, pimples on chin, dark lines, or circles under your eyes? Connected to
  • Fleshy, bulldog appearance? Connected to red meat.
  • Swollen face and eye bags? Connected to



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